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Design Q&A with Amen Design Co.

Amen Design Lot 9 brewing co

Good people attract good people. We were so happy to meet and get to work with Lauren Mendenhall with Amen Design Co. on the design of our taproom in Bluffton, South Carolina.

Lauren and her staff transformed lot 9 brewing co. from just a dream to reality. Our goal was to create something clean and modern, leaving room for beer to be the focus. You’ve heard us say it before and we’ll keep repeating it ’til the cows come home – we’re all about things made right over here. Structurally, fundamentally, aesthetically, texturally. Like people, it can all work together, eventually creating something epic for all of our friends to enjoy.


What was your vision for the taproom?

We were looking to create something that felt communal and welcoming with careful attention to elements that feel modern, textural, and clean.

What textures/materials did you feel needed to be incorporated into your design?

We love the use of copper and vintage black enamel overhead in the lighting. These elements are interesting and industrial without feeling too heavy. This is true of the other metal elements such as the backlit logo wall hanging and louvered feature wall in the entrance as well, which are special because they were fabricated by the owners. Same for the cement bar top, and communal tables. There’s such a soul to those materials and for them to have been made by the owners is so cool.

How important is lighting in a taproom?

Very! We really wanted to incorporate lighting that strikes the right chord in terms of warmth, so we put a lot of thought into how many fixtures we need and where they’d go. We wanted the fixtures themselves to be interesting but still modern and clean, so the copper dome lights really fit the bill. And the industrial enamel pendants over the bar are vintage petrol station lights which is cool in and of itself, but the shape is unique and perfect over the bar.

What did you need to “get right” to make lot 9 truly a communal space?

Definitely needed to make sure that our layout filled the space appropriately but also offered a little room for people to be able to spread out and mingle.  We designed the communal tables to be as functional as they are aesthetically cool.

Finally, what is your go-to beer for a perfect Saturday afternoon and why?

I love an ice-cold IPA or even a shandy. Usually, Saturdays are for house projects for us, so something refreshing and crisp is a must!

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