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We are a craft beer test kitchen with a revolving door of different styles and flavors. There will always be a new style for you to try and old faves on standby. Always fresh, and always made right.

Cherry Lime Lager

Fruit Beer

5.3% ABV 22 IBU

Our lot 9 lager is being jazzed up with a combination of Lime zest and Sweet Cherry puree. The result is a brew that pairs perfectly with the warm Spring weather.

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Under the Kilt CELTIC Red

Red Ale - Irish

5.4% ABV 26 IBU

Smooth and malty with a creamy head. NITRO POUR, may take a min to pour and settle but it's worth the wait!

Ryes Up for Heroes

Red Ale - Other

5.4% ABV 30 IBU

A Belgian-style amber ale brewed with lightly toasted oak wood & vanilla. A portion of proceeds will go to the LOWCOUNTRY FOUNDATION for WOUNDED MILITARY HEROES. We are more than happy to be helping this cause thru the love of beer. Cheers!

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Bad Mother Shucker

Stout - Oyster

4.3% ABV 19 IBU

Over 200 of the freshest Beaufort County oysters (shells and all) from our friends at Maggioni Oyster Co. went into this rich and dark delicious stout. The toasty Stout and briny Oysters just compliment each other so well, it’s hard to think of a better pair!

Shoot Straight Bourbon-Barrel Stout

Stout - Imperial / Double

13.5% ABV 59 IBU

This luxurious stout was aged for three months in Burnt Church Johnny Fever bourbon barrels and commemorates the distillery's one-year anniversary. The woody, vanilla-like notes imparted by the barrels mingle with aromas of dark toffee, cocoa, and espresso for a subtly sweet bourbon finish. In tribute to Johnny Fever, "Shoot straight and always tell the truth".

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Milkstache IPA

IPA - Milkshake

8% ABV 17 IBU

Together with our friends at SIDE HUSTLE Brewing co, we created a Milkshake IPA adding different fruit. Our brew has 80 lbs of Orange puree and accented with vanilla giving it a creamsicle feel. For every beer sold, $1 will be donated to #brewstache helping find the cure for brain cancer. CONTAINS LACTOSE.

Hurts So Good Hazy IPA

IPA - New England / Hazy

6.8% ABV 22 IBU

Now in take home cans!! Brewed with Wheat and Malted Oats for a solid haze. Hopped with Mosaic in the brewhouse and dry hopped with a blend of Mosaic & El Dorado hops. Cheers!


IPA - Rye

6.1% ABV 60 IBU

This IPA was brewed using close to 40% local Rye Malt from Palmetto Malt Co. The rye tends to give a slightly spicy character we then used Magnum, Mosaic and Centennial hops for an assertively smooth bitterness. Lastly, we dry-hopped with 100% Amarillo hops to bring out an orange/ grapefruit nose and flavor.

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Queen Sour

Sour - Fruited

7.9% ABV 0 IBU

This puckering sweet ale packs a punch. Conditioned on Blueberries, Dragon fruit and Vanilla beans for two weeks, the finish is fresh and fruity.

Sitting In Limbo Sour

Sour - Berliner Weisse

5.3% ABV 0 IBU

Light bodied kettle sour packing a session-able 5.3 ABV Sour'd using Lactobacillus Plantarum for 2 day resulting in a 3.3 PH that gives puckering pleasure.

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Sweet + Sour: A Sour & Juice Mash-up

Sour - Fruited

5.3% ABV 0 IBU

Getaway with this tropical cocktail spin. We mix our sour beer with your choice of: Blackberry, Grapefruit, Clementine or Peach craft juice.

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