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What’s on Tap

We are a craft beer test kitchen with a revolving door of different styles and flavors. There will always be a new style for you to try and old faves on standby. Always fresh, and always made right.

Bamberg Bock


6.9% ABV 28 IBU

Our full-bodied Amber Lager was brewed using beechwood smoked malt and German hops. The result is a smooth Smoky finish.



4.7% ABV 25 IBU

A traditional style ale brewed at cooler temps for a refreshingly smooth finish. There's always room for another Kolsch, PROST!

India Pale Lager

Lager - IPL (India Pale Lager)

7.4% ABV 42 IBU

This Hazy style IPL was brewed with a copious amount of the beloved Citra Hop. Supporting the hop aroma & flavor is a super soft mouthfeel.

Slow Pour Pils

Pilsner - Czech

5.3% ABV 40 IBU

ALLOW EXTRA TIME TO POUR This traditional style Lager. The slow pour method brings out aroma while softening the beers mouthfeel. Enjoy it's quenching balanced finish while we start another pour...

Celtic Red Ale [NITRO POUR]

Red Ale - Irish

6% ABV 25 IBU

Smooth and malty with a creamy head. NITRO POUR, may take a min to pour and settle but it's worth the wait!

Won't You Be My Neighbor? [Oyster Stout]

Stout - Oyster

4.5% ABV 30 IBU

Made with our neighbor next door, this Oyster Stout was brewed with a 1/2 bushel of oysters from Russo's Fresh Seafood.

B-Town Coffee Brown [NITRO POUR]

Brown Ale - American

4.9% ABV 36 IBU

Our crowd favorite B-town Brown Ale infused with The Grind coffee roasters' premium coffee blend of Nicaraguan and brazil beans for a smooth coffee experience with every pint. Slow nitro pour gives a silky, creamy texture.

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Hazy IPA

New England IPA

6.8% ABV 22 IBU

Hazy IPA "still slightly tweaked" Lighter color and more hops. Mosaic, Simcoe and Galaxy hops were used in dry hopping.


IPA - Red

6% ABV 88 IBU

The perfect balance of hop-forward flavors and aromas of traditional IPA with the caramel, malty body of an amber ale. Hopped with Chinook and Ella hops.


IPA - Imperial / Double

10% ABV 90 IBU

This DIPA packs a punch at 10% ABV and 90 IBU's. We dry-hopped the King with Simcoe, Ella and Mosaic hops. 12 oz only.

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How's It Gose?

Sour - Gose

4.3% ABV 0 IBU

(Pronounced GO-za). This very unique soured ale was brewed using pink Himalayan sea salt, coriander, and fresh lime zest. A brew that goes perfectly with sunshine! 😎

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Wicked Peach Cobbler

Sour - Gose

4.3% ABV 0 IBU

The Wicked Peach Cobbler is our fruity-sweet and playfully salty-sour take on the classic Southern dessert.

Mamacita Needs A Beerita

Sour - Gose

4.3% ABV 0 IBU

If you like margaritas, you are going to LOVE this mashup! We paired a spicy habanero margarita with our hint-of-lime sour for a drink that will have you craving tacos. Served in a glass half-rimmed with mango sugar yumminess.

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Did you know that we are the smallest brewery in South Carolina? This means you can always find something new on tap, so your tastes are always evolving and your thirst quenched.

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